Urban Colaboratory  is a virtual tool for promoting the interaction of social actors committed to transform the urban built-environment towards a more sustainable, fair and inclusive one. It supports the dialogue for the coproduction of more robust solutions by providing two spaces for multi-stake holders' interaction, debate and integration: one for local decision–makers and another for the general public seeking to transform their city. Because of their nature and type of users, both spaces work in Spanish.

The Knowledge Platform for Urban Transformation's Urban Colaboratory currently focuses on the Mexico Valley Metropolitan Area, yet invites both, decision–makers and the organized civil society of other cities in Mexico, to join our platform to promote similar efforts.

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LEGAL NOTICE: The Knowledge Platform for Urban Transformation is responsible of processing the personal data you provide. When accessing any of the virtual forums of Urban Colaboratory, it is understood that users give their express authorization to collect the personal data provided with the sole purpose of accessing the system. Under no circumstances will personal data be used for commercial purposes, or transferred to third parties. Likewise, users authorize the Knowledge Platform for Urban Transformation the unrestricted use of information, data and proposals that are poured into the virtual forums, "Coproducing institutional solutions" and "Bottom-up urban alternatives", as long as their use is limited to academic, political-advice and / or divulgation purposes.