What we do?

Cities are critical spaces to understand and address global ecological change as recognized by different international agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda of UN-HABITAT, the Sendai Framework and the Paris Agreement itself . It is also noted in the 5th Climate Change Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in the special report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius , as well as in the Global Research Agenda and action in cities and climate change science of the Cities-IPCC group.

Urban settlements concentrate a large part of global wealth, infrastructure, and population (about 54%). Accordingly, they are directly and indirectly responsible for most of global energy and material consumption, and therefore of the generation of waste and greenhouse gases emissions. Therefore, urban transformation towards more sustainable, fair and even pathways is not only desirable but increasingly necessary.

The Knowledge Platform for Urban Transformation seeks to convey this process through the analysis of publications and information, storage and generation of data derived from specific research projects, and the co-production of useful knowledge for policy and decision-making or what we call "Urban Colaboratory" (a virtual laboratory for participatory collaboration). The Platform also pursue both, capacity building and popularization, for example thru training and learning activities designed for specific urban stakeholders or by holding events open to the public.

Who we are?

We operate with our own resources, international grants and other type of international or domestic institutional sponsorships and alliances for specific research projects. We are a group of scientists, practitioners and undergraduate and posgraduate students. The members collaborate on specific aspects and projects, either continuously or intermittently. Their names are indicated at the bottom of each project section, as appropriate. The group is led by Dr. Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos.


In addition to analyzing information, publications and key data for a better understanding and monitoring of urban transformation efforts in Mexico (see Analítica), the Knowledge Platform for Urban Transformation has participated or is currently developing the following projects: